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Derived from soft wheat, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein’s low molecular weight of MW: 750 - 1000 kDa gives it the ability to not only coat and patch up but also penetrate damaged cuticle layers. This nourishes and strengthens your hair from within. Its an essential hair treatment that increases your hair's ability to maintain and receive moisture. Proper treatment of your cuticles results in healthier, shinier and fuller hair.

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>Hair type: 4C>Hair Length: shoulder>Reason for purchase: slight heat damage mostly on my ends. Trying to bring back the elasticity to my hair.This protein treatment is awesome! I developed slight heat damage so I went on YouTube and came across a review on this product, and I'm glad I tired it!A little goes a long way with this 3oz bottle if you're using it to deep conditioner with. If your hair is flat out damaged and strangling then you should go with using about half the bottle if not more for a strong protein treatment.The directions give you two options:> how to apply as a deep conditioner> how to apply it as a stronger protein treatmentI used it as a deep conditioner just because my hair isn't too badly damaged.Pros:> It made my hair super soft as I applied it> 1 tbsp of the protein + 1 cup of conditioner or deep conditioner (I did half and half trying to save out on my deep conditioner).> it stretches your deep conditioner so you may not have to use all that was instructed to use. I still have a bit of the mixture left over.> I was able to deep condition my hair for 45-60 minutes without a dryer, just a plastic bag on my head and my hair felt as soft as it does when I deep condition under the dryer for 45 minutes.> easy to rinse out> my ends were brought back to life! My hair had that snap back effect, when you pull it and let go and my curls on the ends looked healthy and alive. With another treatment I'll definitely be back in business!CONDon't apply this to your scalp ( like the directions say) kind of gave me a warm tingling sensation on my neck, but I wiped it off and I was okay.- it almost felt like a keratin treatment I have in a bottle. That too isn't suppose to touch your skin. The directions give you a warning, so listen!Overall I love this product and I'll continue to use it! It's better than aphogee 2 minute protein treatment! This really penetrates in to your hair shaft! I love it!This product is great for damaged and dry hair!
Good hair product.
Works good
I love this stuff. I mix it with my deep conditioner and my hair feels stronger and a lot softer. Will diffinitly buy again:)
It did wonder for my 4c hair. I mixed a little in with my deep conditioner and sat under a dryer for 30 minutes. It made my hair really soft.
Will definitely purchase again

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