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Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask smoothes and repairs all hair types - Unruly, coarse, damaged and/or color treated hair. Using the synergistic effects of Caffeine, Aloe Vera Juice, Argan Oil and many others - This premium hair growth stimulating hair mask will give you softer looking hair that is left moisturized after its use. Hair Vigor helps hydrate the scalp and repair hair follicles from within to promote healthy, thicker looking hair.

User reviews

This is the first time I have ever given a review, but I had to rave about this product. It has made such a difference to my hair and my self confidence! My hair is long and heavy, and the weight was causing it to fall out by the handfuls. The more I stressed the more it fell out. Then I discovered Ultras Labs and their line of hair loss products, particularly their Hair Vigor mask. It is the best product I've ever used. All the good stuff is in there, Aloe, Jojoba, Shea, Biotin, you name it. And it smells wonderful! My hair has never felt better and the thinning has completely reversed itself. I love this mask! Get it, you will not be disappointed!
In my opinion this stuff rocks!! When you open the container it looks and feels like lotion. The hair mask smoothed out my hair. It makes my hair very soft. Now the cool part (since I dye my hair) this hair vigor repairs damaged hair! I'm really happy with the hair vigor mask!
This hair mask is EVERYTHING!!! The only deep conditioner I will ever use from now on, I have been using it for two weeks now and my hair feels thicker, looks healthier, and it leaves my hair so soft I can't keep my hands out of it! I have had such a struggle finding products that work for my 4c kinky coils, and I am so ecstatic I finally found something that can moisturize and revitalise my hair! My twist-outs are amazing! This hair mask seals in the moisture for my usually dry and frizzy hair, defines the curls, and adds incredible body and shine! I get so many compliments from people who love the shine and bounce of my curls! This product is a must have for all my curly girls! It's the only product you will ever need! It's better than Wen! Yes, I used to be a Wen girl, now I switched to Ultrax Labs!
I was looking at a few hair-masks but decided to go with this one because I have previous experience with Ultrax's products and knew they worked well. I had alright hair before but the problem was it was dry and unhealthy. Most of my length was so delicate, it would break off when I brushed it. I was looking for a solution that would keep the length I had worked hard for but while fixing my delicate hair at the same time. This did the trick. Shipping was fast and the product was in perfect, new condition. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a hair solution.
I really love this product, the results I have seen in just days are truly impressive!! Firstly, I was really happy to see the size of this hair vigor ultras labs container, (which is 8 fl. oz) it is a nice size, (especially for those with long hair, like me) and you can tell this container will really last for a while. Although the price was bit high, I was skeptical at first, but to me I'd pay any amount of money to repair my hair loss issues. I've always had issues with my hair thinning and there are places in my hair where you can see my scalp, which is so embarrassing!! This mask is like a miracle mask!! I leave it on while in the shower for about 5-7 minutes and it smells pleasant, and healthy. This mask really feels like it's working hard to repair my dry scalp and my hair is starting to look much thicker, and more healthier only after a few days of use. I am such a huge fan of repairing from within, and I truly feel like this product is doing that, by repairing the hair follicles which ultimately repairs the entire head of hair, which is brilliant. I especially like the healthy and all natural ingredients which it includes like, aloe vera juice, organ oil, caffeine and many more essential oils which truly makes this a miracle mask.
This product has the consistency of a thick luxurious conditioner and pleasant scent which lightly lingers after rinsing. I couldn't place the scent, but it was familiar and appropriate for either gender. It's easy to apply and rinse out and left both my hair and scalp feeling well conditioned with noticeable improvements in texture (softer) and luster (shine). My partner also used this on color treated and longer hair and was impressed with the immediate improvements in hair quality and feel. The container is large and will last for several uses making it perfect for regular use and as an additional treat for home spa days. Definitely recommend!
I tried Hair Vigor mask this week. I had given up on hair masks and many conditioners; most did not cure the “frizzies” caused by aging, hair appliances and the humid weather in New York. After trying an assortment of products , including some fairly expensive ones, I resorted to expensive keratin treatments. While getting a keratin treatment eliminated the frizz and made my hair softer, much straighter and more manageable, it was a) very expensive and B) left my hair limp with no body or volume.Hair Vigor mask is one of the best masks that I’ve tried. It does seem to repair damage hair, and left my hair soft, smooth, thicker and healthier. After reading reviews that it helps with frizz and helps define curls, I was hoping for the same result. I happened to try this product on a rainy and humid day in the city. My wavy, sometimes curly hair did experience a little less frizz factor.I am new to this product so I hope that with continued use, results will be even better. While the product does have some amazing ingredients in it, it also has quite a few chemicals. Overall, though, I am happy with the preliminary results from this product.

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