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Salerm 21 has been scientifically developed to add gloss and life to damaged, treated, porous or dry hair. It also protects hair from harmful elements such as sunlight, heat chlorine, saltwater, etc. The silk proteins repair hair deeply and, due to their small size, reach the core. Pro-vitamin B5 gives you the natural shine of healthy, looked-after hair and is now incorporated in liposomes, making it 10 times more effective.

User reviews

Excellent product. It was first brought to my attention at a salon I used to patronize. Works well to separate curls without "that greasy kid stuff" or gels that make the hair rock hard.
This is my go to leaving before blowdrying and the one I see most stylists I know use. I have been using it for a while. However I will not recommended as a leaving for frizzi hair that you just want ti air dry. I have wavy hair I can easily go for curls or for straight and this is not great for air dried curls.
Have been using these live-in conditioner since couple of years, I'm glad I found them on amazon like an year back. I have already recommended to many friends and family. Give a try you will like it.
This is the perfect leave-in conditioner for any hair type. It helps detangle and moisturizes it, while leaving hair feeling silky and not sticky at all. It has a mild odor and is much better than other brands of leave-in conditioners.
The very best I've been using for years. I use a little for roller setting and it helps the hair glide when untangling.
Good product but the price is little high
Works well for me the last 10 yrs

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