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REDUCE DANDRUFF with pure tea tree essential oil shampoo and conditioner set. Scientifically formulated to gently eliminate dandruff flakes and replenish dry weak and brittle hair for better hair growth.; ITCHY SCALP RELIEF reduce scratching itching and flaking with soothing essential oils. Anti Dandruff & moisturizing blend nourishes scalp and helps prevent hair loss and shedding to keep hair full and thick.; IMPROVES HAIR’S APPEARANCE therapeutic scalp treatment balances scalp and helps hair to look and feel soft smooth and absolutely radiant. Benefits all hair types including straight wavy & curly hair.; PACKED WITH VITAMINS Jojoba Argan Oil Shea Butter Organic Pomegranate Hibiscus Green Tea Sea Buckthorn Silk Amino Acids Botanical Keratin and Lavender are full of vitamins minerals and antioxidants.; MONEY BACK GUARANTEE chemical free, paraben free, and cruelty free ingredients making it great for men and women with sensitive skin and scalp. Take natural hair care to the next level!

User reviews

I really like this shampoo and conditioner, my hair is super shiny and I hope through continued use will heal my scalp!
The set is wonderful, both me and my daughter have long hair and we definitely enjoy this product. Hair feels soft and smells good 🙂
I put the conditioner in my hair and my hair just melted! I’ve been using lush products thinking they were good for my dry hair. I was wrong after using this I won’t go back, highly recommend!! You get the soft silky feeling and it stays That way! Must buy again.
I really like this product, I noticed right away my head wasn't as itchy and my hair felt better!
I have tried various products to relieve dry scalp. I started out using the Plantative products along with other products that I was already using. I gradually phased out the other products and now use only the Plantative shampoo and conditioner. Unlike other products that are loaded with fragrance, both of the Plantative products have a mild fragrance that's not overwhelming. They don't irritate the scalp. I highly recommend giving these two products a try.
I received a free sample of this shampoo and it is absolutely great! I have terrible dandruff intermittently, very itchy and inflamed skin patches on scalp, and this actually helped to lessen the itch intensity, and the occurrence of flakes. The smell is not really honeydew, it is more tea tree oil/herbal scented, however it is not overpowering like most anti-dandruff products, it is a very mild scent. It has a nice lather too, it is a nice quality shampoo. I would recommend trying this product. My dandruff is very stubborn when I have it, and this actually helped. Other commercial shampoos do not help me often, only heavy duty stuff, or just leaving a dilution of plain tea tree oil on my head, but this shampoo did actually help with only 4 washes. I will be purchasing a full size to keep on hand for future use.
I received a sample from Maple Holistics for free for testing purposes. My son tried it out as he has dandruff and I do not. He said that it works well for dandruff but it does not have much of a scent. He prefers a little bit stronger scent but other than that it's great.

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