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Growth Plus By J'Organic Solutions Is Formulated With Vital Natural Nutrients That Promote Healthy Thicker Hair Growth, Our oil free Vitamin Rich Hair Product Feed Your Scalp And Hair Roots Directly. Your Follicles Will Absorb This Nourishment To Produce Stronger, Fuller Hair, While Stimulating New Growth works on natural or relax hair.

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I just received this product a few days ago , love the smell I will do another review in a few months when I can see some results.
Product works wonders!! I've witnessed others with health conditions causing hair loss .. No hair growth. Once this product was applied the growth appeared shortly after. Soon after was the hair thickening with strength & length! I was amazed I'm excited to use my vitamins & drops!!
I have applied the Hair Growth to my scalp 3 times so far. If the Hair Growth makes my hair thicker as well as it has helped the itchy scalp the product is worth its weight in gold. I have tried every product out there for dry itchy scalp. Most do give some relief, this has giving me total relief. I received this product at a discount for my honest, unbiased review. So far very happy with the product.
Again wasted money! I have been faithfully putting this on one spot,twice a day,almost a month.My results,nothing,not even one hair or fuzz.
My friend has some scalp issues with dry, itchy, flakey and redness. I got this for her so she can try to sooth her scalp with the great 100% pure organic oils. She has been using it and since using thus stuff her scalp is not red, she said she hasn't itched as much and the flaking has subsided. Her hair is looming more healthy as well. I recieved this product at a discount for my unbiased and honest review. She is so pleased with this blend of organic oils that she said she will be purchasing more.
After a month I've seen no results
Very good

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