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HAIR OIL ENRICHED WITH ARGAN OIL, AVOCADO, MACADAMIA NUT OILS, Vit. A, C, E, and Pro-Vit. B5. Professional hair treatment serum for all hair types – long, curly, red, damaged, thin, thick, dry, colored, blonde, dark.

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 its been a long time i cant use hair vitamin in my hair since i been here in us. so i brought this in amazon and i took a video so you guys see and have idea if its works, its smell really good better than my hair vitamins before, its actually a lot now and then my hair very soft i really like this!!. ,
I bought this for my wife, because she had problems with the hair. They were too dry and did not look very healthy.She applies this for a while. First impressions are very good. Hair became softer and silky. Pleasant to the touch.I think it should take some time to get the expected result, but the first impressions are already encouraging.
when using the serum for my hair it was very good product smeels great and it made my hair looking amazing it had more of a shine and was very easy to comb out after shampooing and my daughters hair is very long and i hate to brush after shampooing her hair but after using the serum on her the tangles brushed out so much easier and now maybe she can brush out her own hair
I love this stuff. It is so easy to use and takes less then a minute to apply. You cut the tip off, squeeze the oil into your palm and rub it into the hair. I prefer to use it on slightly damp hair. Once my hair dries, it is so soft and the frizz is actually controlled.
Reaaly good product. I was afraid to buy it because i tried a lot of arganic oils for my dry hair and was horrible after even i washed it. But this vitamis makes my hair light and healty, i got volume and it shines!!! I will buy it again, i reaaly love love love vitamins!
What a heavenly smell of this product. Throughout the day it gives you freshness to you.. Also my hair became so smooth and silky after applying this for few days. terrific effect, i had very frizzy hair. now it has gone. I applied initially on wet hair, not worked much. It has to be applied on dried hair for the best results. i dont have much lengthy hair. So one capsule, lasted for 2 times. I recommended this for my friends. All together, just loved this product.
This is the best hair product I used so far. Its easy and pleasant to use with this great smell of it. It makes the hair super soft and much easier to comb or design. Good deal for the price as well since its 40 capsules there.

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