It’s a sad truth that one out of three men and women will experience hair loss by age thirty. It is an even sadder truth that there is not an outright antidote for this.

How crazy is it that we humans have put men on the moon but we still can not maintain the hair on our heads?

You may or may not know already that the primary reason for the hair thinning and receding hairline is how hair follicles respond to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In some men and women DHT causes the follicles to shrink and finally disappear, leading to thinning hair and eventual hair baldness.

Despite the fact that a permanent cure has not been developed yet, there are choices out there in the meantime, some good and some bad. These include such matters as operation, toupees and prescription medications, but there are some hair loss cures that are made from all-natural ingredients that’s gotten a great deal of attention lately. Let’s read.

Can You Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Your Hair?

Stop balding and hair loss prevention: the question of how to stimulate and increase hair growth has spawned a plethora of products geared toward hair loss prevention and hair loss treatments. A quick online search will yield a large number of hair loss vitamins, shampoos, oils, tablets and pills, just to mention a few.

There are usually three areas of hair loss therapy available now: surgery, medications and natural supplements.

Strictly speaking, surgical procedures are not really treatments, as it doesn’t address the root cause of baldness. It’s essentially moving hair follicles from one par of the scalp to another, and can be quite painful and expensive.

For nearly all men and even women, surgery does not prove to be a sensible option, and that’s the reason most people opt for prescription or natural remedies to hair loss.

Prescription Hair Loss Drugs

In recent decades there have been a few pharmaceutical hair loss drugs that have shown some good results, namely Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Finasteride is taken orally and operates to inhibit the creation of 5a-reductase, that is the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT.

Drugs that contain finasteride, like Propecia, are available by prescription only, and can result in an entire list of negative side effects – such as an increased risk for prostate cancer, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, swelling, rashes, and difficulty breathing, amongst others.

Minoxidil is applied topically and is found in the popular product Rogaine. Though currently available without a prescription, minoxidil still may pose certain side effects, such as irritation, itching and dryness of the scalp, allergic reactions and possibly serious heart issues.

Natural Hair Growth Supplements

While there’s no ideal treatments for hair loss and cures for baldness, there are a couple of over-the-counter hair growth products on the marketplace which have definitely shown promising effects, a few of which contain all-natural ingredients like saw palmetto, specific nutrients, and targeted amino acids. Usually, these hair loss supplements work by blocking DHT production (either in the body or straight from the scalp), and by providing nutrients especially targeted at hair growth.

Men using a number of these products, like the popular brands Profollica and Har Vokse, have reported overall positive effects, with most stopping their hair loss and preventing baldness, if not reversing it entirely. And since they do not contain any drugs or substances, the risk of potential side effects is extremely small, if at all.

Hair Loss Shampoos and Conditioners

Another category of products which may help slow or reverse hair loss is shampoos and relevant scalp treatments. These products generally work to accomplish several things at once, for example: block DHT, cleanse and moisturize the scalp, stimulate hair follicles, volumize the hair.

Applying these shampoos and sprays while employing other hair-growth methods can greatly increase the odds of having positive results. Like with the organic supplements, these products are generally side-effect free and pose no health issues.

Laser Devices

One exciting area within the field of hair re-growth is using laser technology. These devices work by stimulating and increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles.

The sort of laser and LED light used is safe and painless, and scientists say that they act on mobile compounds that promote hair growth. 1 major published study demonstrated an average 7 percent increase in hair density using a HairMax apparatus at the end of a 26-week period.

Keep in mind that you will need to use these devices for 15-20 minutes, 3-4 days each week, with outcomes in 6-18 months. But many men prefer this to using topical hair regrowth treatments, such as Procerin or Folligen. Women go for Provillus for Women.

Best Hair Loss Solutions

There’s little doubt about it, all of us want a lavish, full head of hair. Although hair loss is most often associated with men, women also suffer from this problem – and regrettably hair loss in women is a great deal less acceptable in society now. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women actually constitute 40 percent of American hair loss sufferers. Such a frequent hair loss problem among both women and men, it is unsurprising that so many men and women search for hair loss remedies and  treatments for baldness far and wide.

Best Hair Loss Cures for Men

The good news is that with lifestyle changes to reduce stress, dietary improvements and the use of other natural hair loss remedies you can improve hair growth fast.

The cause of hair loss in men is due to the hair follicles’ sensitivity to DHT (5α-Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a male androgen hormone that causes follicles to shrink, resulting in a shorter life span and decrease hair production. Normally after hairs fall out another hair starts to grow from this same follicle, but if DHT is high hair growth decreases. Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia in men or hair loss in men) follows a pattern of a receding hairline that progresses to an “M” shape and then continues to the familiar “U” shape.

Luckily, there are lots of popular men’s hair regrowth solutions which seem to generate excellent results in reverse hair growth. Many men suffering from male pattern baldness are looking for the brands such as:

Best Hair Loss Cures for Women

Female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia in women or hair loss in women) is characterized by thinning on the top or the center of the female head. Female hair loss is generally due to high levels of stress, hormone imbalance, thyroid conditions or toxic exposure. Women are actually most likely to suffer from hair loss due to hormones. Think pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills and other hormonal changes that women so commonly go through. Having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is another hormonally related health problem that can contribute to hair loss from the scalp but unwanted hair growth in undesirable places.

Some of the more well-known and effective hair loss remedies for women suffering from female pattern baldness being sold include brands like:

All of those female hair loss treatments have become increasingly popular because of both their efficacy and online accessibility.

Unwanted Body Hair: Best Hair Growth Inhibitors

Hair growth inhibition: it’s always nice to see when you’re in a good shape and look sexy. With all that, too much hair can be sometimes unattractive especially in most unwanted hair areas of the body. Due to this reason, most people, especially the ladies use some best hair removal products. So to round up the hair regrowth supplement list we decided to include two more excellent products designed to remove body hair or inhibit unwanted hair growth.

Please read our detailed reviews about hair removal cream Ultra Hair Away and unique hair growth inhibitor for both men and women Stop Grow or just visit their official websites to find out more information:

Final Thoughts on Hair Loss Remedies

So how to stop hair loss in men and prevent baldness in women? Hair loss is typically more than just an annoying physical problem. For many people experiencing hair loss, the daily suffering is very real and takes a huge toll on them in many ways. Research has shown that hair loss can cause “dramatic and devastating emotions in patients, which can negatively impact their self-esteem, body image, and self-confidence.

Your hair loss might not make you look like your ideal self, but it’s important to keep things in perspective because going downhill mentally and emotionally over your hair loss will only contribute to, rather than help, your problem. There is no doubt that lowering your stress will help the state of your hair (and your life) so try to reduce the negative self-talk for the sake of your hair health as well as your total body health.

If you’re a woman experiencing hair loss, it’s an especially good idea to have your thyroid health evaluated to see if hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism could be at the root of your hair troubles. Experts concur that the hair on your head is an indicator of your overall health so what you do to improve your overall health can have a direct positive impact on your hair.

We know it can be frustrating to lose your hair, but don’t lose hope. With a healthy diet and lifestyle along with consistent use of natural hair loss remedies and a dose of patience, it’s truly possible for your hair to grow faster and thicker in the near future.

*Please note: While results may be experienced in the short term, the formulations for hair loss prevention and hair growth inhibition were created for long-term use, and it is strongly recommended that a hair loss supplement like hair loss pills, hair regrowth solutions, hair removal solutions or hair inhibitors be taken for at least 2-3 months for real, long-lasting benefits, however taking it for only a month or so will definitely produce some benefits in the short term.СохранитьСохранить
















  1. While all these options are great and can work, you need to put effort into other places to help them do what they should. People need to approach this just like weight loss pills and fix your diet. Clean up what you eat and help your body heal. My doctor taught me that. Once I cleaned up my diet, my hair loss remedy worked!

  2. My issues are both thinning and over growth of body hair so having my options in the same place is nice. I am considering going with a cream for my body hair and some kind of supplement for my head hair. I can do this and not have them cancel each other out right?

  3. I was looking into laser options for my hair. It started thinning when I was young and just got worse over time so I am not sure what can help but someone said that it can help me so I am willing to look into it more. I don’t want to accept going bald anymore. I want my hair back!

  4. I wanted to look at all options there are for me and I am overwhelmed honestly but happy. I didn’t know half of these were options or affordable ones at that. Going to bookmark the page and come back to it to help me decide what to try first.

  5. I also find it strange that we can do all sorts of unimaginable things like putting a man on the moon, but we can’t manage to find a proper way that can help us keep our own hair! Why is that?

  6. I wouldn’t go for surgery because I don’t think it works. But I will give natural remedies a try, maybe something works.

    • As the article mentions, I don’t think a surgical procedure addresses the rout of the issue so you’re bound to lose your hair soon.

  7. I don’t think that the people who could do this are interested in creating a cure for baldness. It’s much better to keep selling snake oil and take our money over time than create something like a total cure

    • I agree with your thoughts. So many prescription hair loss drugs shouldn’t be on the market at all that it makes you wonder why they still are? It’s probably because they do a little for hair loss, just enough to give people hope while on the other hand, we’ll be getting “interesting side effects” that need other products to be cured. See where I’m going with this?

      • Yeah, unfortunately we must be very diligent before using anything because companies that produce products are hardly ever interested in our well being. So many prescription hair loss drugs and foods are tainted nowadays that it makes sense to not just buy everything that’s advertised on TV.

        • I agree with your assessment. Many companies have the funds to create higher quality products but they are just thinking about their long term profits so most settle for so-so products.

  8. Many women feel the need to search for hair loss products because once they start losing their hair our society is putting pressure on them since this is “unacceptable” for some reason.

  9. I thought Propecia was a good thing until I looked closely at its ingredients and started doing my research. I wouldn’t go near it now.

  10. Why do some of these drugs contain Finasteride if it’s so dangerous? Who keeps allowing this?

  11. Every male ancestor of mine had some sort of problem with baldness so I’m bound to have one too. I’ve started researching to see what I can do to postpone this as much as I can. A healthier lifestyle and reduced stress seems to be the way to go.

  12. I know it takes a long time to see results but I prefer using laser treatments and wait 18 months to see some results and be sure I don’t hurt my health in the process.

  13. From what I saw a lot of prescription hair loss drugs are not good or even dangerous so I make sure I do some serious research before taking anything.

  14. Why do people risk their health and even life for more hair in their head? It makes no sense to me. Are we so desperate to look better that we’re just willing to risk so much?

    • Unfortunately some people are. They keep using Propecia or Rogaine, products that are now known to cause serious side effects. In the last years, better products have emerged that people hardly know about and that’s a shame.

  15. My hair is so thin that it’s scary :). I’m going to try Profollica since it seems to be health oriented not like Rogaine.

  16. Tried prescription medications and they did almost nothing for me. I need another way out of this.

  17. Profollica is so much better than Rogaine or Propecia. It will show some results after the first week of usage, at least that’s what happened for me.


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