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Style Edit by Style Edit conceal your graysmedium/light brown 2 oz. Root concealer instantly covers gray for extended color life works in seconds, dries in minutes, will not run washes out with shampoo.

User reviews

This product is a life saver. I bought for two of my sister to introduce them to my life saver. You will likely have to order a shade of one and a shade of another to see what you life best. I keep one in my car, one in my purse, one at home and always have one new back up. I have horrible gray resistant hair. When I see my coloring has not taken on my hair I am able to use this and it looks blended. I use it for new roots to last long between coloring. I use it on spots color is fading. I do my hair then I spray any spot that needs a quick gray cover up. If you scratch your head it will rub off on fingers but washes right off. Does not come off on pillow while sleeping if you skipped a hair washing. It will was right out when you wash your hair. It takes a little practice to spray almost pushing down very slowly works better so you dont get a quick burst of spray. If you spray to much or you are really pushing your coloring longer then normal it sometimes looks a little almost to light for the color it normally does. Maybe like a non shinny color but still worth buying. When I spray to much I just add a little water to my finger tips and kinda go over the spot I dont like and it does the trick. If your always still have gray after a coloring or you have fast growing hair or you are trying to delay the chemicals to your hair then this is really great and you will be happy you bought! My one sister who has never colored her hair loves it because she does the same styles it then sprays it on the sneaky grays starting to pop up on her and love the product too!! My other sister who has her hair colored like clock work every 6wks and get just a root touch up every third week had little need for it but when her colorist is away or had been sick she used it and thought it did the trick for her. You cant do your whole head because it does not have a shine to it. But you can do lots and with your other non sprayed hair it blends well enough for no one to have any idea of your big little secret!!
I guess I'm a latecomer to Style Edit Root Touch up (both the powder and conceal spray for light brown hair) and feel like I've been missing out! I love this stuff! I used to use Bumble and Bumble A Tint of Brown Hair Powder for the past 5 years. It provided good coverage for my roots but the Style Edit products are superior and slightly cheaper. Style Edit looks much more natural. The Bumble and Bumble is more opaque whereas Style Edit blends well with whatever your color is and does NOT leave your hair feeling stiff (i.e. like you've applied a little bit of hair spray). I wash my hair 2-3 times a week so each Style Edit can last me a long time and to extend this I use the powder. I haven't been to my stylist for highlights since January (and we're almost to July). Note that I have dark blond and light brown framing highlights and light to medium brown hair. I have an allergy to hair dyes, even the supposed "all natural" ones" 🙁 🙁 so I can never use an all over hair color again. I don't have the kind of allergy that sends some women to the ER with hives, etc., but my scalp blisters - yes blisters - when I've had my hair colored, and my scalp itches something awful in addition to feeling like it's on fire. It wasn't always like that but slowly my allergy has worsened and my current stylist has told me I should never use hair dyes directly on my scalp again. My stylist uses blond and light brown highlights to hide/blend my gray and then I fill in with Style Edit - both the conceal spray and the powder - between my visits. I don't have the harsh line of gray hair roots thanks to how my stylist does my highlights. After trying one can of Style Edit from my stylist's shop, I now order it by the bundle on Amazon. I am not allergic to Style Edit and have quite sensitive skin (I have eczema, etc.)
I have medium-dark brown hair with blonde hilights. This color makes the 'sparklies' go away, and it blends with my natural color, even with the blonde - I don't know how or why it looks good but it does! It all just blends in.I've just received it and used it a few times. One lady recommends putting on while her hair is wet then blow-drying it. I tried this and found I got a more even deposition of the color.I don't know why, but spraying the darker color along my part works very well. I would have thought spraying brown where it's blonde would look weird, but it all just blends.I went to my salon and she applied it to me for the first time. For $25 for one, I said 'let me think about it', knowing I could get it online for less sure did - $21 for two of them!!Someone else recommended spraying those make-up thingies - I used the cotton pads, but just realized that the little angled foam things are probably what she meant! The pads worked well to get those last few hairs in front of my ear.The color didn't run, but does wash off if you get overly vigorous washing your face, but then you just spray the cotton and restore your color.I've had to move my every 5-6 week root touch to 8 weeks this month, and I think I can do it without scaring little children!!
This spray is awesome. I have colored my hair for many years. I have naturally dark hair, and really need to have my roots touched up every 3 weeks. I missed an entire month of going to the salon, and bought this to cover the white/gray roots. I sprayed it on, and it looked fantastic. I kept it on overnight because I wanted to see if the product would rub off on my pillowcase. It did not come off on the pillowcase! I washed my hair the next morning, and it completely washed out.I will be using this product from now on, and will be especially grateful to take it on vacation.
I purchased Style Edit after my hair dresser recommended it. For the past 20 years, I have used a different product, and was happy with it, until I gave Style Edit a try. Style Edit is my new favorite. It colors gray hair extremely well and does not make your hair feel heavy. I spray it into my part, then use my fingers to put it through my hair. One bottle has lasted me three months. Give this concealer a try, you won't regret it.

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