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QUICK AND EASY Use the brush and apply the powder to your roots and dust off any excess. That’s it! Nothing to do until you wash your hair.; NEAT AND CLEAN The included dual-tip precision brush was specially engineered for applying powder to hair. It allows for accurate application, and doesn’t leave any extra powder behind. You will cover your roots and nothing else. No blotches on your scalp. Get the best root concealer available.; NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL Reflective, mineral-based ingredients mean a more natural look and shine. This fill-in powder will not dry hair or leave a dull look. Your hair will appear and feel its natural self.; SUPER PRACTICAL Less trips to the salon means time AND money saved! CoverAge contains 2x the powder of the leading brand. Instant color, and no sticky or oily residue. Extend your time between hair colorings. You can even get your hair wet and still retain your color!; COMPLETE GUARANTEE Protege goes far beyond Amazon's 30 day return policy, with a 365 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, simply contact Protege Beauty for a full refund. No questions asked. NOTHING TO RETURN. You risk nothing when you order CoverAge, so order now!

User reviews

I’ve had to color my hair for about 30 years, (started going grey in my thirties), and I think that I’ve run the full gamut regarding all sorts of color root touch-up applications.I’ve used the ’10 minute’ rinse out treatments, which needed latex gloves are very messy, and time consuming. Essentially this really took over an hour, which included the color application, the waiting period, washing the color out, cleaning up the mess. Then afterwards I needed to style and blow-dry my hair.Although the ‘hair mascaras’, ‘color crayons’, and sprays were faster, the stiff and/or sticky residual residue, left me with an immediate urge to wash the root color out. Therefore, to remedy this situation I started having a color application done on a 3-week basis. However, in addition to all the time and money spent, unfortunately, this frequent chemical color processing started to dry out and ruin my hair.The Protégé root color touch up is a powder, and it’s a fast, easy, and an effective method to cover up my grey roots and without any mess at all. In addition, for me, a powder root touch up has a few advantages over a touch up spray. Sometimes the nozzle on a spray tends to clog, or the liquid color spurts out in an uneven manner, however with a powder and a brush, I can control the amount of my application. Furthermore, I cannot see how much touch up color is leftover in a spray can, whereas the powder in this compact is visible to my sight. The last major factor for my own personal preference is that a spray may last me several months before the nozzle clogs, or the liquid dries up within the can, or it just runs out. However, the powder root touch up products always last me for years.This grey/white root touch powder comes in a flip-top compact, and it includes a full sized mirror and a brush with bristles on both ends. The shorter and curved bristles are useful for the areas closer to my scalp, and I use the longer bristle portion for the lengthier sections of grey hair that have grown out. After I have applied the touch up color, I then use my paddle brush to brush through my hair, and this blends in the added touch up color better for a more natural appearance.The ‘Brown’ powder blends in with my medium/dark brown hair. However, this color has the ‘darker’ brown tint, which works out well for my color because I can go either way. In addition, my brown hair has some red highlights, therefore since I like this color touch up I am going to order the ‘Auburn’ color too. This will offer me the option to adjust my color since my hairdresser usually adds a little more ‘red’ during the spring and summer. However, for medium to light shades of brown/brunette hair, this color powder will be at least a shade too dark.For my personal preference, Protégé is one of the better touch-ups that I have experienced and it only takes me about 4 minutes from beginning to end, so it’s fast fix for my grey roots. I love that when I apply it to my freshly washed hair, there is no greasy residue, and it does NOT weigh down my hair, so it still looks clean. Regarding any color transference, after the powder sets for a few hours, and when I touch the newly colored area, no color comes off. However, I may get some color on my fingers if I forget and scratch my scalp, which is normal for any temporary hair color touch up. This color powder blends in well, and it offers me a very natural appearance, lasting for about 5 days, which is when I wash my hair.Furthermore, I used to use another powder touch up root color, but that one has a price that is over 25% higher. In addition, this other one has 50% less of the touch up powder in comparison to the Protégé root color compact and yet, my Protégé works the same, if not a little better. Therefore, Protégé is a much more cost effective, because I get twice as much product and my cost is 25% less.This also allows me to stretch out my hair coloring appointments, from every three weeks, to once a month, and now I have stretched out my appointments for every 5 weeks. This has saved me time, money and my hair is now in much better condition, since my chemical color processing is a lot less often.Lastly, I absolutely love that there is no messy clean up, I just wipe off the brush, close the compact, and put it back in my drawer.
I've used Color Wow for a few years and frankly I thought that's what I was buying this time. But as long as I got it I decided to try it - and I have to say it's every bit as good as Color Wow. Maybe better, as it seems to stick in my hair better, and doesn't come off as much if I run my fingers through my hair.I only wash my hair every 3-4 days and it lasts just fine between shampoos. I just have to touch it up around my hairline after washing my face or working out or whatever. And it enables me to go 4-5 weeks between touch-ups at the salon. Without it, I'd have to be in the salon every 3 weeks.
UPDATE: I originally gave this 4 stars. After a couple of months, I have upgraded to 5 stars. At first it did not seem to be any better than a product I've been using from Sally's Beauty that is a third of the cost. But upon further use, I am finding it to be much more superior as far as the application. It brushes on more easily without a powdery mess and blends better with my hair color. It does remain in my hair without coming off on my pillow at night which is a great plus. It also comes in handy when your hairdresser puts in too many highlights. I used it to "calm them down". Though a bit pricy, I most definitely recommend this.
Kind of messy and sort of works in an emergency, but not great coverage.
Finally...a Holy Grail root touch up that I'm not allergic to and actually does what it's supposed to do! So, right away you would think a powder would fall out but it does not. I love this for those in-between times before I put Henna in my hair. You get a lot of product and the applicator. I also use this to fill in my eyebrows! Yup...it works for that as well and stays on longer then any eyebrow gel or pencil I've ever used. Lastly, they offer a variety of shades to choose from :-). Give it a try...you won't be disappointed.
I have been on the search for sometime now for root touch up product in a perfect auburn/red color. I have tried all forms and brands and they were hard to apply, looked fake, and were plain messy. PROTEGE root touch up is in a easy compact powder form with brush. It truly is a game changer for me. My hair grows really fast, I mean in two weeks I have visible roots and I was getting tired of damaging my hair with coloring too often.
I just got it today. I wanted to cover gray hair for a lace front wig. I used brown. Great coverage and easy to use. Does not come off on the hands. Blended well with the unit. Got a little on my scalp but the large part of the brush can remove that and it wasn't a problem if I just left it there.

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