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I hate to spread the word, but this is the best hair color I've ever used, and I am so sad that it has been discontinued by L'Oreal. Although it costs more than twice as much here as it used to in Wal-Mart, this is worth every penny. For non-permanent color, this product actually fully covers grey (amazing) and also stays in a while longer than other brands (good for us shampoo-aholics). This color also happens to really match my natural color well; two different salon managers at different stores commented on how natural this particular product left my hair looking after a month or two when it was mostly washed out. I honestly worry about what will happen when I run out of it (in 6 months...), as it seems like there is nothing else (in non-permanent) out there that works like this does.
This was a very good find on the store shelves until it was discontinued shortly thereafter. So glad I found it on Amazon, and at a reasonable price. I wash my hair every day, and the color lasts two weeks beyond the expectation. My co-workers say, "your hair is so shiny..." or "you are the only one of us with good hair."
i like everything about this product except finding it. Why does L'oreal want to discontinue a product that has received so many 5 star ratings?
I was glad to find 3 box packages on Amazon. I love this product however L'Oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme has discontinued this product!
I absolutely loved the color and it faded out quite naturally! I only wish this were a permanent color!
Love product but discontinued.
This product has been my favorite for several years and now it's been discontinued. So I feel lucky to have found it online. It colors my grey hair well without burning my head like regular dyes do. I don't know what I will use when there's no more of it available online.

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