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HAIR OIL ENRICHED WITH ARGAN OIL, AVOCADO, MACADAMIA NUT OILS, Vit. A, C, E, and Pro-Vit. B5. Professional hair treatment serum for all hair types – long, curly, red, damaged, thin, thick, dry, colored, blonde, dark.

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 its been a long time i cant use hair vitamin in my hair since i been here in us. so i brought this in amazon and i took a video so you guys see and have idea if its works, its smell really good better than my hair vitamins before, its actually a lot now and then my hair very soft i really like this!!. ,
I have a lot of natural curly hair and I am constantly looking for products to decrease frizz and moisturize. The smell of the serum is amazing! My hair is softer and the shine seems to have enhanced my curls.I will continue to use this product and I will post an update next month. As of now I haven't noticed the moisturizing affects of the serum but I am pleased with the shine.
I just received my bottle yesterday and decided to wash my hair today and try it out. I’m African-American with medium length, thick course hair and I’m transitioning from relaxers.After washing my hair I only used this and nothing else as I always do with new products to see how it functions on its own. The one vial was quite a bit and distributed nicely in my hair from roots to tips. The smell wasn’t bad and went away as soon as my hair dried. I air dried and it dried faster than usual. I also noticed that it’s smoother and even my thick new growth is smooth and flat and not puffy as usual. I’m shocked. I’ve tried tons of gels, serums, mousses and sprays and can honestly say that this is doing something spectacular to my hair. I keep touching my hair because I can’t believe how smooth it is. And this is only one vial, y’all! I plan on finishing the whole bottle and doing an update. Right now I’m blown away!
Absolutely in love with this product. I have fine hair but a lot of it. This causes me to always have tangles regardless of brushing my hair wet or dry or with a comb or brush. It's painful and by the end of the week my brush looks like I have been grooming Chewbacca. Used this product for the first time today. I applied it on wet hair and definitely made brushing my hair 99% easier. I let my hair dry naturally and it feels silky smooth. This product also doesn't way down your hair or give you that greasy feeling that others do.
My hair it's reeeaaally frizzy, and I am desperately looking for anything that might help! Most of oils are too heavy and just make my hair greasy. This vitamins are awesome!! It's giving me the perfect shine and this smell... I would buy it just because of the smell)) my hair not so long, so one capsule is enough for 3 times( you need just a little drop) I'm really impressed ; I finally found my product!
I bought this for my wife, because she had problems with the hair. They were too dry and did not look very healthy.She applies this for a while. First impressions are very good. Hair became softer and silky. Pleasant to the touch.I think it should take some time to get the expected result, but the first impressions are already encouraging.
I reallylove these Hair treatment Serum capsules. They are enriched with Morrocan, Avocado & Macadamia Oil along with Vitamins A, C, E, Protein VitaminB. You use them after you shower, open one capsule and apply to hair. They smell great and leave my hair feeling healthy and silky soft. They do not weigh down my hair at all, the capsules provide a good measure so that you do not over apply the amount of Serum. Each bottle comes with 40 Capsules. I also like using them the night before I plan to shampoo my hair by applying them to the ends of my hair to help with split ends.

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