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✅ IDEAL SIZE FOR USE: The hair brushes of CandyHair hair colorants are approximately 3.99 "(10 cm) long and the size is ideal, making your hair look different and beautiful.; ✅ 6 PARTS BRIGHT AND LIVE COLORS: Red, blue, green, yellow, purple, rose. Use one or more; use them individually or mix and mix colors. Black and Dark brown color hair is also suitable for use.; ✅ VERY SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Hair chalk is suitable for men, women, girls and kids who want to look different. Washing with normal shampoo and water is easy to clean.; ✅IMPORTANT: Hair Colors Temporary is easily applied to open hair, eg gray blond hair. But for dark or brown hair it's a little hard, you can add a little bit of water to apply your hair better than your hair. And the chalk can be a bit sticky.; ✅ COMPARED TO MULTI-USE: The party is very suitable for hair dyes to give themselves a beautiful and unique look with golf, festivals, diy, cosplay or otherwise. Your wife, your girlfriend, your loved ones as a surprise and unique gift you can give.

User reviews

I got these for my daughter to have fun with some colors in her hair. She sees mommy have 'pretty colors' so when I saw these i thought it was worth a try. And for a 4 year old, they do exactly what they need to. These do make your hair feel chalky, after all it Is chalk. The chalk bar doesn't stay inside the comg very well so I end up taking it out and using it straight on my hair like that. Me and my daughter both have blonde hair as you can see in the pictures so even just a little bit shows up pretty well. It's definitely nothing like the pictures advertised but i, of course, wasn't expecting that at all. Like I said, these are just fun to have when you want to play around with colors but don't want anything semi permanent or permanent, especially for kids!
great idea to stick chalk in a comb to easily apply the color to the hair. I bought it for my friend's daughter who has been asking her mom to dye her hair blue. She's 9 and the mom didn't want to hear of it until I gave her this. It's chalk, so it comes off with shampoo, it doesn't hurt the hair and it's fun to change color every couple of days
I bought these for my daughter who always wants to dye her hair because her friend “do it.” Of course she is young to dye her ... these work perfectly. They help me with not having to fight with her and she can change the colors daily. Super easy to use. My daughter is 9 and figured it out right away
I took it for my children and the kids who organized a party at home would love it. Actually, I can not stand it and I use it and the result is great. The order passed very fast elite and it was very exciting. I can not wait to try other colors. When you use it, you are definitely a glove.Thanks 🙂
This is a great product! It's so easy to use and the colors are so vibrant. If you want to just put a little color in your hair or put a lot of different colors in your hair, these hair chalked are for you. These hair chalks will add a little fun in your life!
This stuff is pretty cool. I didn't want my daughter to perm dye her hair so we compromised. She said she loves this way more than she ever thought she could. No face timing her at college, and well all her group dyed their hair. FUN stuff.
I really like this product. Perfect for those wanting something that isn’t complete coverage. Used it on my grand daughter and she loves it and loved he results. Now to convince her there is more colors than her fav color blue in the pack!! Give it a try, I am sure you will like it 🙂

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