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The best brushes for balayage! The soft bristles hold a lot of color and lay it down nicely on the hair.Best uses: balayage and other softer and/or free hand techniques.It is long lasting and durable. This is by far a salon favorite.Not good for: all over color. The bristles are to soft and it will take a lot of hand pressure to drive the color through the hair to get complete saturation. The Paul Mitchell color brush is better for that type of hair.
My favorite go-to brush for color!
I have had color brushes that I've loved over the years but I go through long periods of NOT being able to find brushes that I like. Found it! For me the size, shape and bristle density and softness are a winner. Allows for everything from delicate hairline application to heavier color load application for long/think hair (large brush).
I would absolutely recommend this brush to anyone doing color! Its glides through hair easily and is flexible and easy to use! I love that the other end comes to a dull point - it makes sectioning so easy! This is my favorite color brush in my collection.
Made coloring my hair very easy. A necessary tool for hair coloring purposes. A similar product at Ulta cost more.
This brush is the best brush I've ever used. I have two of these and I use this with every process for hair coloring. Something about this size brush makes it absolutely perfect !
Exact same item that my stylist at the salon uses. I used it to apply the Topchic color and it worked great!

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