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  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.8 x 2.7 inches


Unlike traditional hair color, olia uses an exclusive 60% oil blend, with natural flower oils in the colorant. The unique oil-based formula propels colorants deep into the hair without ammonia, for pure, vivid, long-lasting color. Olia achieves maximum color performance while the oils help reverse roughness and dullness, visibly improving and restoring hair.

User reviews

I was pretty hesitant to buy this after reading some of the negative reviews. But let me just start by saying that for me this worked great. I know a lot of the reviewers below say that they are experienced with home haircolor. But keep in mind that a lot of the yellow-haired women walking around Walmart in house slippers are also very experienced at doing an awful job with their home haircolor and they think it looks great. I really am comfortable in saying that I am experienced with home haircolor. I've dyed my hair at home since I was 13. My natural hair color is a dark ash blonde/borderline very light mousy brown. Most home blonde hair dyes turn that hair color bright orange. Before olia, the only ones that could turn my hair a pretty blonde did so by frying the crap out of it with bleach. I'd like to point out that, no offense to women who dye their hair red, brown, or black, but it requires much more skill and better quality hair dye to go from brown to a pretty blonde. This dye did great though. Regarding texture, my hair is naturally a bit coarse and dry. I am one of those people who can wash her hair every other day instead of every day. So when I heard that olia was oil-based I thought I would give it a try. I used two colors because I always do highlights and low lights in my hair (this looks more natural, high end, and flattering) For the low lights, I chose olia 8.0 a medium blonde. For the highlights, I chose olia 9 1/2 .1, the lightest ash blonde. I use a bowl with two divided sides (One for each color) rather than the bottles that actually come with this hair dye. So, I cannot comment on how easy or hard the bottle is to hold throughout the application process. I thought I should note that because some of the reviews below do mention that it is difficult for them to hold onto. I also don't use gloves. I need to be able to feel with my fingers which parts of my hair are wet with dye and which are not. I put the two colors on in 0.5 to 1 cm increments and left it on for about 25 minutes. I did sit under the hair dryer on low heat for about five minutes after I went and did some chores around the house. I rinsed it out well in the shower then shampooed any residual dye out with shimmer lights shampoo for blonde and silver by Clairol. I followed it up with the actual Olia conditioner that came with the dye and thought it smelled great. I left it on for three minutes. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt soft and silky. After the shower, I put in some bio silk as I always do and twisted my damp hair up in a towel for 30 minutes to let it rest. After that I blew dry it and curled it was a curling iron like normal. My picture below shows the results and I'm very happy. My hair does not smell like I just dyed it and more importantly it does not feel like I just dyed it but it sure looks like I just dyed it. It's a win-win!For me the benefits greatly outweighed the negative comments below. I got very good color that made my hair actually feel soft and was very affordable and convenient. Negative comments about Gloves and bottles shouldn't sway your decision to try this. I've already ordered these two colors again so that they'll be ready when my roots start to come back. I hope they never quit making this hair dye.
I could not love this dye any more. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I previously had my hair professionally dyed ombré so that the bottom half was blonde, while the top half was virgin. The first time I dyed my hair at home (using Loreal feria smokey pastels) my hair turned a horrible brassy red all over, which seems to be permanent. After a few months I had to do something to even out my now tri-colored hair and blend it all with the inch or so of new growth at the root. After reading the reviews on Olia I decided to give it a shot, and I don't think I'll ever use another brand. The applicator bottle was not too hard to use, but I found it easier to remove the top and apply the dye to my hair using a paintbrush, then comb it through - it gives you much more control that way. It had no strong or chemical odors (I was able to use it in my closed dorm room, no problem), rinsed out easily and only minimally stained my skin - any stains came off within a couple days. Despite the range of colors in my hair before, it ended up impressively even. The ombré was a little visible still, but it looked very natural and very subtle. My hair was gorgeously smooth, soft and silky afterwards - even my VERY damaged ends felt soft to the touch. Got lots of compliments and couldn't be happier. Two months later, the brassy color from the botched job is now visible again, but my roots blend into it seamlessly, without the harsh line that was there before - I think thanks to the Olia dye. But the dark brown dye I used blended with my hair beautifully, and faded slowly even without using any color safe shampoo or doing any color maintenance at all. I love love love it and will definitely use it again! I included a before and after picture for reference.
I never review products, but reading all the negative reviews here made me feel that I had to write a review. First of all, this is the best hair dye I have ever used...it is comparable to the dye they were using at Ulta when I was getting my hair professionally done, except that I'm not paying $100 an application. The dye doesn't smell great, but it is definitely preferable to the smell of other hair dyes. I have long, light brown hair that is thin and tends to be on the drier side. I dye it black every 4-6 weeks and I love the look!I do have a couple comments to make on some of the most commonly mentioned negative points, though.1. For people who are worried about this weighing down their hair...this is an OIL based dye. It specifically says that. If you have naturally oily hair already, DO NOT USE AN OIL BASED DYE. That's honestly just common sense and shouldn't really need to be said, but too many people brought that up. Adding oil to something oily will not make it gorgeous and fluffy. Since my hair is slightly drier, this dye is perfect and makes my hair beautifully smooth.2. This is a dual point...first of all, yes, the bottle is a very weird shape. I don't consider this an issue, but apparently others do. If you are twisting the applicator cap off before you shake it, then you should be using both hands to shake the bottle. One on top, to block the hole, and one on the bottom to hold the bottle. Make sure to shake it vigorously. I have a strong feeling that a lot of the people complaining about coverage issues, patchiness, and weird colors are not shaking the dye well enough to blend everything together.3. This is a rather thick hair dye. Personally, I prefer this to the thinner, runnier dyes. It's easier to control placement when the dye isn't running down the side of your head. If you can't get one bottle to cover your entire head, it just means you need to purchase a second. With hair down to the middle of my back, I need to use two for all-over coverage. The $20 that costs me is still a heck of a lot cheaper than the $100 it would cost at the salon.Overall, I'm very pleased with this dye, but I also know my hair and know exactly what I can and can't do with it. You should always be careful when you're treating your hair with any product, but you also need to know your hair type before you start anything like this.

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