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What is Alopecia ?

Alopecia is the name of a disorder that results in excessive hair loss in certain areas of the body including head, face or other parts of the body. Though this disorder is not threatening to a patient’s life and doesn’t cause any severe physical conditions but hair loss is one of its most prominent symptoms. The hair loss phase is very devastating since it occurs in the form of patches in Alopecia.

You might have seen people with patches of baldness on their heads, that’s Alopecia. The hair loss can be slow or very severe in some cases. There is an extreme condition called Alopecia Universalis, which results in complete hair loss or baldness from various parts of the body.

Things That Can Cause Alopecia

Any effect to the androgens can cause baldness and this is very common in males.

Any problem in your thyroid glands can also result in Alopecia because the main function of your thyroid gland is to keep a regulation of hormones in the body. If these levels get disturbed and are not balanced, hair loss begins.

There is a term “Alopecia areata” and this is a result of your own body’s immune system going against you. The small or big patches of hairless skin on the head are also its symptoms.

Fungal infection in your scalp can also result in sudden hair loss. Constant use of hair treatments and electric devices for hair treatment also cause Alopecia. Medical researches and studies have also shown that deficiency of iron can also result in Alopecia.


Some hereditary diseases can also cause this disorder. Frequent fevers and flues can also result in causing this disorder in a person and these are some of the natural causes of Alopecia.

Certain types of medicines for a specific disease e.g. high blood pressure can also cause hair loss at a rapid rate than natural rate of hair loss. Medicines treating cancer are also notorious for causing hair loss at a very rapid rate.

Bleaching, straightening and other types of chemical treatments done on hair can also cause Alopecia because of strong chemical agents present in them.

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Given above are some of the most common factors that cause Alopecia but there are other factors that cause this disorder but not as common as the ones mentioned above. Alopecia does not cause pain or other physical conditions that would make a person feel concerned but the loss of hair in patches is devastating enough to put a person under stress.

Involuntary loss of an important part of your body, in this case hair, can upset you mentally. However, for people suffering from this disorder, it is more important to know the remedies than to know symptoms and causes of Alopecia.

We have discussed the causes of Alopecia above and symptoms have also been addressed in the content. However, here are some remedies that you can try at home or let others know if they are suffering from Alopecia.

Home Remedies For Alopecia

A very famous way of treating Alopecia in a person is through the use of Chinese red date tea and honey. This method requires you to prepare a concoction of the date tea, honey and apple cider vinegar. This is natural, easy and does not have side effects for people with normal conditions. By improving the circulation of blood, this remedy enables your scalp to grow hair in patches that have been created due to Alopecia.

If you are suffering from Alopecia due to scarcity of iron in your body, you need to take foods that contain a lot of iron. Iodized table salt is a good way of obtaining the lacking quantity of salt in your body but you can also remove the deficiency by having foods containing fish, garlic and fruits with lot of iron.

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Another remedy that has stood out among many against Alopecia is the use of onion juice. From the main ingredient you can see that we are not talking about some delicious and mouth watering juice. Being onion juice, it could be smelly or very smelly at times but as long as it cures Alopecia, let it be smelly. Anyways, the way most people have stated about onion juice is to simply slice the raw onions and apply the juice by squeezing the slices on the spots where baldness has started. For many it has worked and some studies have even showed 70% success rate of onion juice treatment for Alopecia. However, different things work for different people.

Another home remedy that could help an Alopecia patient is the use of pigeon pea. You just need to make a paste of the pigeon peas. In addition to this, you can also make a paste of pigeon peas and adding red grams in the paste. This paste needs to be applied on bald patches on your scalp and not taken orally.

Making a blend of limejuice and coconut oil is also very famous in people looking to grow hair and prevent hair loss. This treatment can also be very helpful for people suffering from Alopecia.

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Another easy remedy that could be followed at home for Alopecia is the application of lilac oil.

Castor oil is also famous for hair growth and the proper way of applying it in your head is by parting your hair and making sure the application of the oil is directly on your scalp. This can be done with the help of a piece of cotton and keeping the oil on for whole night and rinsing in the morning should do the job. A little massage to make your scalp absorb the oil is also recommended during the application.

Coconut milk can also help you in growing your hair back and making their roots stronger so to avoid Alopecia.


There are many other ways to treat Alopecia and to prevent its threshold in the first place. Researching online and taking help from experts around you is always highly recommended. However, the best way to cure a disease is to prevent it from entering your body and this is done with a proper diet and by taking care of anything you eat.

Vitamin C and E are essential for keeping your hair strong and healthy forever. You should make sure to have foods that contain these essential vitamins. In addition to that, Alopecia is also caused in many people because of iron deficiency so this must be made sure that your food contains ample iron supplement to avoid hair loss. Avoid using too many chemicals on your hair and head to get different looks because chemicals can be the biggest enemies of your hair.

Furthermore, even if you have to use electric devices to treat your hair, do whatever it takes to keep the usage limited. Lastly, use the right shampoo and oils to feed your hair with right food. Just like you, your hair need to be given the right diet.

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