Healthy Hair Tips

Longing For Faster Hair Growth?

You yearn to have long hair. Many women do. Some have the good fortune of having hair that is healthy enough to grow long without much effort. Sadly, they are very few in number. For the majority it is a long, hard, and sometimes losing battle to grow and keep long hair. There is no single perfect formula for this, as the reasons for hair failing to grow long are diverse and depend on a number of reasons.

On the average, hair grows about half an inch per month, which adds up to 6 inches per year. The main problem is retaining the length. One’s living and eating habits, age and overall health, and the weather, all contribute to the deterioration of hair health. Hair grows brittle and breaks off; split ends develop, retarding hair growth, leading to a point where it is easier to maintain a shorter hair-style.

All is not lost though! There are ways to overcome these problems, and grow your hair long. Some habits you can inculcate, and some products/treatments you can use will help you overcome the problems and maintain that head of long hair. Here we have 5 of each for you to consider.

5 Healthy Habits

No one can deny that healthy living habits can only do good. A healthy life style and certain habits regarding your hair will go a long way to keep your hair healthy and growing.

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Proper Diet

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be overemphasized. In this age of fast foods and perpetual lack of time, the temptation to let good dietary habits go is very great. However, the extra time and effort is always worth it. Keratin, the main constituent of hair consists of amino acids, a protein that your body produces. So be sure to include adequate eggs, meat, fish, and dairy products in your diet.

Careful Handling Faster Hair Growth

Don’t exert too much strain on your hair. Tight ponytails and braids tend to do that, so try and avoid them as much as possible. Too much pull can exert pressure on the roots. This can lead to hair breakage or fall. Loose hair-styles are better.

Regular Massage

A hair and scalp massage is a great way to promote healthy hair. Increased blood circulation which results from a massage encourages hair growth.


Trimming Ends

You may not be one of those fortunate few who have naturally healthy hair, in which case broken tips and split ends are close acquaintances. These are signs of hair damage. Hair damage starts at the tips and makes its way to the roots. Trimming off the tips of your hair regularly, stops the spread of such damage, and accelerates hair growth.

Proper Washing

Unlike the rest of your body, healthy hair hygiene does not require daily washing. Washing too often will remove essential oils that encourage growth, and leave your hair rough and weak. 2 to 3 times a week using warm, not hot water is best.

Healthy habits go a long way towards promoting rapid hair growth. Unfortunately that is no longer enough. Consequently, we need to use supplementary treatments to protect our hair and keep it growing and healthy. Here are 5 useful hair treatments that you could consider.

5 Treatments To Help Your Hair Grow Quickly

The modern day life styles results in a lot of pressure and stress, preventing us from getting proper rest and relaxation. This takes its toll on both our bodies and our hair. These treatments are healthy as there are no harsh chemicals involved.

Natural Oils

Many organic products yield oils which are good for the skin and hair. These are also called essential oils.


Protein Treatment

The main constituent of hair is keratin, a protein. Protein treatments can improve the quality of your hair.

Hair Growth Supplements

There are many vitamins and other supplements that you could take to increase hair growth. However, it is essential that you consult your physician before starting on any. Do not self-prescribe.

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Deep Conditioning Treatments

A deep conditioning treatment as the name implies goes deep into the core of your hair and its roots to give it a great overall treatment.

Heat Protectant Sprays

Hair styling is a fact of life. Very few women go without some form of styling, which requires the application of heat. These sprays protect the hair from the harmful effects of such heat, and also from exposure to adverse environments.

As you can see, there is no reason to lose hope if you don’t have naturally thick and long hair. There are a fair number of things that you can do to change the situation. Don’t wait!! Go for it!!



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